Monday, January 31, 2011

Getting Emotional

Computer Animation classes are running hot and only going to get hotter! So much fun and so much animation! We are working on putting a bit of story in our characters and getting them to emote! (therefore the title of the Post!) Our first 3 exercises this year so far have been a point, a walk and a turn. 2 of the three i loved working on. the Walk... i don't like having to make them loop other than that its not bad. Other classes haven't picked up quite yet so i've had some free time to sketch and do other things. i need to work on my Coloring ability. i'm not so bueno in the area of color and color theory. So i'm gonna work on it!

Besides this animation we have been doing preproduction for our "Sit/Stand" animation. I'm going to be modeling, texturing, rigging, and then texturing, this little guy!

But this project doesn't really get swinging until later in the semester.
I need to start scanning in my sketches so i might be either getting a scanner or just begin to go to the library and use theirs. O, i also went to DIPSY (Digital Painting Sketch Club) on-campus and took part in the Chinese Zodiac Jam. i was blown away by the level of talent in digital painters at the school. Here was my painting! i need to get so much better at coloring!

I'm also applying to be a Resident Assistant at the College. please keep my in your prayers, my group interview is Friday. So please if you remember, say a little prayer for me.
oh and also this!
But thats it for now! Until next time keep it classy, and shoot for the stars!