Thursday, October 21, 2010

Games in RETROspective?

Hey just wanted to update my Blog right quick with something i did Last year when i was still in the Game Art Major. My FINAL FOR HISTORY OF GAMES!

This was last semester and 45 lbs ago!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Schools still going strong and i'm extremely busy. Much more work than last year but so much more gratifying it doesn't even feel like its that big of a workload difference! I've only got 4 classes this year including Concept Development I, Traditional Animation II, Contemporary Art and Ideas, and Computer Animation I. Most of my Time is Eaten up by either Traditional Animation or Computer Animation. Every once in a while Concept creeps in and eats some of my time as well. Grades have been good thus far and i'm feeling pretty good about it. But there is a lot of work to be done and i must become so much better in order to be able to thrive in the animation field. i have a lot of work to go but its a blast doing it!

With that being said here are just a few of the things i have been working on. Starting with Concept Development I!
The Greek Myth of Athena and Arachne told in a 30 Second Animatic (30 Second Cutoff):

After this project we started on a project called "Flat to Deep" in which we had to take 2 scenes from a comic movie or some other artistic media, and give it more dramatic staging. THe first one i chose to do was a panel from Foxtrot:

Original Panel:

Revised Panel with More Dramatic Staging:

Somehow hilariously i made the character look as if he is zooming off to save the world, not being tricked to run laps... Good Times!

The Second Panel i chose was from the Awesomely Amazing webcomic BOXER HOCKEY! if you haven't read it you really should! I chose this flat staging not because it was uninteresting but because i love the comic so much and wanted to draw Joshua!

Original Panel:
Revised Panel:

Comedy is usually staged flatly to convey comedy, but i wanted to make it a little more Dramatic!

Next We have Traditional Animation!
After the quadruped walk we got the choice to do an Exaggerated Quadruped Walk. I Chose a HEDGEHOG! awesome!
The Teacher Loved it:

After that we started our most involved Project yet the Pantomime!
It went over pretty well but i was missing just a bit of acting so i fixed it this is the revised version:

The Pantomime was pretty difficult but our biggest foe is just on the HORIZON...
its gonna be interesting but... difficult. Im actually doing some of the Lines from the Meet The Engineer Video. Here is the audio and Acting Reference i shot. However, Let it be known i am Not an ACTOR! and you will see why!

Heres My Character Sheet for the Character i'm Doing. I will be animating him to the dialog!